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Last year, I entered the new year with high expectations and lots of goals for myself and my business. In my plans, there was no room for rest and reflection. My calendar was full of commitments I was willing to fulfil no matter what. I wanted to prove to myself

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Your purpose is in your story - how to find your niche

Your purpose is in your story

One of the things I’ve noticed is that many of us solopreneurs struggle with consistency when it comes to our online presence. Whether it’s posting on social media or putting ourselves out there in general, sometimes we hit roadblocks. And guess what? It all boils down to one essential factor—we

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The reason why you are not showing up online consistently

The real reason you are not showing up in your business

The exhaustion and discomfort that followed each instance of putting myself out there, combined with the pressure for external validation, created a toxic cycle of hiding and procrastination. Recognising the voices from my past and the fear of being laughed at or deemed unworthy allowed me to understand why I chose safety over growth.

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Magda Gradowa - Marketing Marketing Coach for Ambitious Solopreneurs

Hello! I'm Magda!

Marketing Coach | Business Mentor | Writer

Multi-passionate introvert (ISFP), recovering perfectionist and overthinker. Brave but fearful, a dreamer but doer, cat lover but dog tolerant.

Simply Inspired Business is a place where I share my stories and insights on entrepreneurial journey which is often filled with ups and downs. It’s where people with perfectionistic tendencies can feel comfortable with the process of learning new things, knowing they are not alone in their struggles. Hope you will like it here!


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