What is Marketing with Purpose?

What is Marketing with Purpose? - Simply Inspired Business

“Change can be scary, but you know what’s scarier? Allowing fear to stop you from growing, evolving and progressing.” ~ MANDY HALE


Today I would like to share with you how going deep into your story can transform your business, give you clarity and help you stay focused on the bigger picture.

Last week I continued to follow my own advice. This time I wrote my WHY story which I planned to add to my new About Me page and as a result it came out as a manifesto.?‍♀️

It was a great exercise after which I realised further how connecting with your story gets you closer to your purpose.

For me having a sense of purpose was always important. Without it, I struggled to find the motivation to do any work. In the past, I left jobs that no longer inspired me or rejected positions where I sensed that my values were not aligned with the people who represented the company.

Today I continue to practice this approach in my business. When a client approaches me with an enquiry for a new website, I ask: why do you need a website? When someone wants my help with setting up their new social media profile, I ask: why do you want to be on this platform? If someone shares an idea for a new venture, I ask: why is this important to you?

And it’s not that I question someone’s choice. I ask WHY because I am curious. I also know that behind this question there lays a foundation for the marketing strategy. I can only build you a great website if I know why you need it: To collect email addresses and grow your mailing list? To show your portfolio and encourage people to contact you with a project enquiry? To sell tickets for your events and grow a community of like-minded people?

This is what I call: MARKETING WITH PURPOSE.

If you are doing things only because other people do them and you think you should too, you will end up exhausted, overwhelmed and confused. But if you ask yourself a question: WHY do I want this?, and you honestly answer this question every single time, you will start showing up online purposefully, inspired by the reasoning that is connected with YOUR story and YOUR business, not someone else’s.

Your Purpose is in Your Story and when you dare to go deep into your own story you come out the other side with a light bulb shining above your head.



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About Magda

About Magda

Magda is a UK-based Website Designer and Marketing Consultant helping small business owners improve their online presence and attract more clients.

She started Simply Inspired Business to connect with like-minded women entrepreneurs and provide a space where they can share their stories of transformation and inspire others to take action and grow their businesses.

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I’m Magda! An Introverted Entrepreneur (ISFP) with a head full of ideas. My closest ones say I have a heart in the right place, I say I wear my heart on my sleeve. Either way, I am a woman of integrity – always acting with the best of intentions.

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