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A great digital presence starts with a beautiful website that broadcasts your message with clarity

Running a business, creating content and connecting with your clients takes a lot of time and energy. You shouldn’t spend ages on building a DIY website on top of everything else! Designing, building and maintaining a great website isn’t easy. And it definitely shouldn’t occupy your mind too much while you provide your audience and customers with valuable content and life-changing services. 

You do you, and I will take care of your website
  • A website that is developed with the customer journey in mind and as part of a marketing process as a whole and not in isolation.
  • A website that not only looks great but communicates clearly and helps you grow your business.
  • A website that has Calls to Action that are clear for your customer to see, and that asks for your customer email address so you can continue the conversation with them in their inbox!
Website Design and Digital Marketing for Surrey Based Independent Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

How can you tell if you need a new website?

A website that you are confident about and proud of

Website Design for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Why having a website is important for your business?

A fresh and modern website that clearly positions your business in the eyes of the customer


A great digital presence starts with a clean and effective website.


Your website is the first impression a potential customer will receive about you and your business.


People may hear about you through word of mouth or social media but they still go to your website to learn more about your business.

What does it take to have a great website?

A website that sets you apart from the competition

Websites for Health and Wellness Consultants

What is the process of building an awesome website?

First, I focus on understanding what is unique about your business and why you do what you do

Website Design for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Starting with WHY

Book your discovery call so we can discuss your needs and expectations. Before I take on any project it is important for me to know why you need a website and what purpose it’s going to serve for your business.

If you are willing to proceed I will send you a quote and we can agree on a completion date.

Website Design for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

brand message & Design

We will start by clarifying your brand message. Then, based on your style and design preferences I will design a home page for your website. 

Website Design for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs


Once the final design is agreed, page by page I will be setting up your website on WordPress, optimise it for Google and prepare a personalised guide for you. 

Want to see how it works?
Request a FREE Website Review.

If you are curious about how I would change your website, request a Free Website Review. I will send you a short video reviewing your website and explaining to you which parts of your website could benefit the most from improvement.

Magda went through my website systematically offering me pointers on where to improve. She also explained why something could be done and how it would improve the website so I understood the reasons behind it.

~ Katherine Smith

Why work with me? #humblebrag

Having spent the first few years doing everything on my own as I set up my business, I found that working with Magda has allowed me to free up so much time, that I am now able to focus on progressing my business rather than just managing it. She quickly understood the essence of my work and now helps me to focus on activities that will further my business effectively; supporting me with creating graphics, website maintenance and updates, and social media management. She is creative, organised and focused, working on ideas and projects from start to finish.

May Simpkin


Magda knows when to listen and when to push forward an idea, but perhaps her biggest skill is the ability to simplify complex issues and present a solution or strategy where you will reflect “why didn’t I think of that.”

Rosscoe Brown

Business Owner

Hiring Magda became a quantum leap for my new business. Our goals were to bring my various social media channels up to date and on brand, launch a newsletter, and support me in creating my first online course. Magda is creative in her ideas and execution, knowledgeable of the various tools in her field, and very well organized. She is also flexible and dedicated. Within the first week of our collaboration I felt like I had a whole team of people working for me. I highly recommend Magda for beginning entrepreneurs like me.

Galina Singer

Writer & Coach

Magda spent such a large amount of time understanding who we are and what we are trying to get across our brand, it really felt like she was part of the team.

Katherine Smith


Creative Virtual Assistant UK - Website Design & Management, Social Media & Brand Strategy
Meet Magda - Your Website Designer

Magda is an entrepreneur living in Surbiton, Surrey who loves sharing knowledge and helping others on the topic of digital marketing and website design.
She is a passionate person who will go the extra mile and over-deliver.

When not working (from home), you can find her at the allotment growing her own vegetables, walking or cycling by the river, or shopping in local charity shops for another flowery dress. She’s also a proud owner of the adopted cat Lemmy who does as he’s pleased and comes for occasional rubs and hugs.

What to do next?

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Website Design for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

website maintenance

Launching your WordPress site is just a beginning

Free up your time and focus on progressing your business rather than managing your website.

Here’s what I can help you with:

  • Delegate Your Website Updates
  • Repurpose existing content across social media platforms and reach more clients with your offer
  • Keep your website content in line with your plans and goals
  • Design Tweaks 
  • SEO Analysts and Link Tracking
  • Blog Post Formatting
  • Hosting 
  • Tools Integration
  • and more
Creative VA Services
Website Design for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs
Website Design for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs
Website Design for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs
Website Design for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs
Website Design for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Learn how to determine your audience and their problems so you can clarify your offerings and attract more clients.