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A great digital presence starts with a clear and effective website.

Designing, building and maintaining a great website isn’t easy. It definitely shouldn’t occupy your mind too much while you provide your audience and customers with valuable content and knowledge. 

You do you and I will take care of your website.

  • A website that is developed with the customer journey in mind and as part of a marketing process as a whole and not in isolation.
  • A website that not only looks great but communicates clearly and helps you grow your business.
  • A website that has Calls to Action that are clear for your customer to see, and that asks for your customer email address so you can continue the conversation with them in their inbox!
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Launching your WordPress site is just a beginning

Running a business, creating content and connecting with your clients takes a lot of time and energy. Don’t spend ages on managing your website on top of everything else. 

Here’s what I can help you with:

  • Delegate Your Website Updates
  • Repurpose existing content across social media platforms and reach more clients with your offer
  • Keep your website content in line with your plans and goals
  • Design Tweaks 
  • SEO Analysts and Link Tracking
  • Blog Post Formatting
  • Hosting 
  • Tools Integration
  • and more


Free up your time and focus on progressing your business rather than managing your website.

Building Websites for Health and Wellness Professionals

Clients feedback

Working with Magda has allowed me to free up so much time, that I am now able to focus on progressing my business rather than just managing it.

May Simpkin


Magda knows when to listen and when to push forward an idea, but perhaps her biggest skill is the ability to simplify complex issues and present a solution or strategy where you will reflect “why didn’t I think of that.”

Rosscoe Brown


In a short space of time, Magda has made an immediate impact in a range of areas from marketing, customer support to HR and business development.

Jay Chitnis

Managing Director


Helping you use your social media purposely: to drive visitors to your website

Almost 80% of Internet users have a social media account. Use this for your business benefits. 

Here’s what I can help you with:

  • Setting up your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, GoogleMyBusiness)
  • Make your brand and message consistent across your social media accounts
  • Choosing the right social media platform for your business
  • Tracking and Analysing metrics to know what’s working and what needs improvement
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Designing Graphics & Templates
  • Repurpose your content for social media
  • Building your own ‘Link in a Bio’ landing page
  • and more


I offer a one-to-one consultation if you only need one-time help or choose from retainer packages for outgoing support. 


For Health & Fitness Professionals, Wellness Consultants, Nutritionists, Food & Lifestyle Bloggers

Helping you turn your business goals into a visual strategy. Creating a digital image for your business that goes with your personal voice and speaks to your target audience.

Graphics Design:

  • Designing Graphics for Social Media posting
  • Designing Graphics for Social Media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube)
  • Designing Banners for your website
  • Designing Pins for Pinterest
  • Designing Lead Magnets & Ebooks
  • and more…

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  • Logo design
  • Colour & Font palette
  • Image Mood Board
  • Brand Collateral
  • Brand Consultation

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Building Websites for Health and Wellness Professionals