Manifesting positivity in 2023 through a vision board

Manifesting positivity in 2023 through a vision board

I would never think that being positive is actually hard work. At least for someone who got used to a rather negative and nihilistic approach to life in the past years. Not sure if it was due to some personal experiences, the lockdowns and unpredictability happening in the world, or just the fact that I didn’t have any specific purpose in life.

For some reason, I sometimes have the impression that if you have kids, they are your purpose in life, but as I don’t have any, I might be wrong in this thinking.

Nevertheless, I found it hard to be positive for quite a while. The grass was always greener at someone else’s, and it felt better in places where I wasn’t present.

Maybe it’s also my nature that I like going deep into thoughts and analysing things to the bone. Eventually, I found myself living in the lack. And if you create the wall of ‘nothing good can happen’ there’s no space for the energy of abundance.

So, in December while I was reviewing the past and planning for the future, I decided that in 2023 I will focus on positivity, abundance, and light. I realised that constantly neglecting that the Universe has something to offer will get me nowhere and manifesting negativity through my thoughts will bring me exactly this: bad situations and poor decisions.

I started by consciously deciding that I am leaving the past behind and moving on from the hurts and pains I was ruminating about over and over (what a waste of time). I reviewed my 2022 and honestly admitted that in some cases I messed up. But this gave me some sort of confidence that those mistakes can be easily fixed if I put in the work.

All I want this year is to finally thrive in my business because surviving is very exhausting…

I am a very visual person, so I need a constant reminder of where I am heading and why I do what I do. As it happens, I am into Vision Boards, like I am a massive fan of vision boards! There’s something therapeutic about going through colorful magazines and choosing images and words that resonates with you. Then you put them all into a creative collage and hang it on the wall where you can see it every day.

Here’s mine for 2023:

Manifesting positivity through a vision board
Manifesting positivity through a vision board

Is positivity obvious enough?

The idea is to stop the self-sabotage and just do it! Although I wasn’t so sure about the word ‘hardworking’ and not because I am not willing to put in the work, but it has this heavy connotation that there’s no joy in life just WORK, I know that for me it’s manifestation of taking my business seriously so I can create the life I love, stop worrying about money and have ‘the good life’.

I breathe in light and love so I can be nicer to myself and to others creating relationships that are happy, supportive, and fulfilling.

I am becoming smarter with money which means no more spending over what I earn, planning the budget wisely, and reviewing my expenses regularly. Also, focusing on financial goals so I can prioritise tasks and projects that will help me get there.

I am giving myself permission to excel, to shine, and to let myself happen by putting my inner critic in a silent mode. Enough of hiding behind other people’s backs/businesses.

2023 will be full of positive vibes because with an open, curious, and interested mind I will be cultivating a strong body and spirit connection.

While improving my life and working on my business I will be building a supportive community helping others achieve their business goals.

I know that making a pretty vision board is not enough to make things happen, so I also set up goals 6 months ahead and wrote them on the whiteboard, just above my collage.

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