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Welcome to Simply Inspired Business, where solopreneurs at heart feel inspired to take action.
If you’re a passionate, purpose-driven visionary committed to enriching lives with your services, you’ve found your tribe here. I’m genuinely grateful for your presence.

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Deep inside you know
what's right for you

Deep within, you possess an innate understanding of your path. Acting from the heart means harnessing your inner passion. It’s about trusting your instincts and gravitating toward opportunities that align with your purpose.

Yet, even the most creative minds can encounter roadblocks. Overthinking and shiny distractions sometimes lead to fear-driven actions that drain your energy, leaving you questioning your journey’s significance. In those moments, reconnecting with your purpose and core values is essential.

But to know your purpose, you must first share your story.

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My Story

I’ve always sought meaning in every job I undertook, refusing roles misaligned with my values. Rejecting positions where my principles clashed with a company’s culture, mission, or vision was a testament to my deep conviction.

Throughout my journey, I’ve learned that when a role ceases to inspire, it’s time to pivot. It takes courage to risk it all and start anew. I’ve taken leaps of faith, like leaving a comfortable job in Poland for an unknown adventure in the UK in 2013. I’ve also walked away from unfulfilling relationships to embark on a profound self-discovery in 2016. Even while healing from a challenging breakup in 2019, I accepted the “Public Speaking Challenge” to share my story before an audience of 100.

In business and life, I follow my heart. 

Rarely does it lead me astray; instead, it guides me to growth, strength, and wisdom.

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The Mission

Embracing Imperfection and Nurturing Growth

Simply Inspired Business was born from the desire to assist Creative Entrepreneurs in consistently and authentically presenting themselves online. To achieve this, I had to shed my all-or-nothing perfectionism and lead by example.

Although the pursuit of excellence might seem admirable, an unmanageable dedication to every task became overwhelming as I shifted into full-time solopreneurship in 2018. My limiting beliefs kept me stuck, fostering burnout and countless unfinished projects. This struggle wasn’t unique to me.

It saddened me to see countless brilliant individuals hide their talents, play it small, and prioritise safety. Many convinced themselves they weren’t “good enough.” The constant comparison with those further along the journey overwhelmed them with “should” and “must” tasks.

My mission is to create a space where solopreneurs with perfectionistic tendencies can comfortably embrace the learning process and share transformational stories to inspire others.

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Your purpose is in your story

As a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, your purpose resides in your story and the calling that propels your dreams and vision. It’s uniquely yours.

At Simply Inspired Business, my purpose is to encourage you to ask: WHY? 

Why did you start your business, and why is it vital to you? From there, we explore how your business can enhance others’ lives and how YOUR STORY can inspire. Your story forms the foundation and direction of your business, your North Star.

I believe that a sense of purpose fuels motivation, inspiration, and creativity.

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The Vision

My vision is to create a community of Entrepreneurs at Heart where we share our stories, inspiring greatness in one another. Within this club, we learn together and support each other through moments of doubt, always reminding ourselves: Remember why you started.

In the Simply Inspired Business Club, your story is valued and heard. We gather to discuss our businesses, break through barriers, and silence our inner critics.

We hold one another accountable and promote each other’s ventures because in helping others grow, we too flourish. 

Join me in this mission to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit, share your story, and inspire a world of possibilities.

Join Me on This Journey:
Share your story, inspire others, and be inspired.

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