Simply Inspired Business #100redesignschallenge

A while ago I was going through local magazines and looking at businesses’ adverts thinking “They can do better”.  Not in a criticising or patronising way though. I understand that small business owners have to wear a few hats and I also know how much money you have to spend on marketing. So if you run an advert in a local newspaper you expect results. My main concern was that a poorly designed advert can adversely affect these expectations.

What is the challenge about?

Not only do I want to help local businesses have effective marketing but also I have a desire to create designs that are pleasing to the eye. I would like local magazines and newspapers to be filled not merely with meaningful content and articles, but also with adverts that support small businesses and have the potential to turn readers into clients.

Once a week I pick up one advert, spend a maximum of 30 minutes on redesigning it and record it as I do it so I can then add it to my YouTube channel.

Disclaimer: I do not have any financial benefits from this challenge nor am I associated with any of the businesses I redesign their adverts. If a business owner would like to receive a print-ready design they can email me at magda@simplyinspiredbusiness.com to discuss the details.

The obvious: all rights to each design are reserved. You cannot use it without my permission.


Why am I running this challenge?

Because small local businesses deserve effective marketing

I believe supporting local businesses is very important in the age of big companies taking over and dominating the market. There’s something eminently fulfilling about doing business with someone who lives locally and you know in person. I also want to contribute to the idea of more and more people running their own businesses successfully and end the monopoly of big corporations and soul-sucking jobs.

To teach people marketing principles

With this project, I want to show and teach people that if you follow a few basic principles in marketing, the chances are that you will see better results. Very often small changes might lead to improved outcomes.

To have a small win every day

My personal reason for running this challenge is to have a little win every day. I have been struggling with some sort of anxiety, negative thinking and self-doubt. I know I am my own worst enemy and if I don’t have this little kick I can easily measure my mind is going into dark places. Stepping into an entrepreneurial journey is exciting but also hard. It’s constant work on your mindset. This project is one of the tools I am using to ease my monkey mind and avoid going into a rabbit hole of negativity and anxiety.

Also because I am a perfectionist it’s very difficult for me to stick to a project without getting distracted by the shiny objects. By completing this challenge I want to prove to myself I can get shit done and have fun as I go. Progress over perfection. Done is better than perfect. Falling in love with the process.

I am also planning (hoping) to learn (improve) my video editing skills. I would like to have my own YouTube channel (it’s there but not really active yet) and teach people marketing as well as share the stories of my entrepreneurship journey.

5 Leaflet design principles

In each design, I will be sticking to the leaflet design principles that are based on building a customer journey explained by Donald Miller in his book ‘Building a Story Brand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen.’

  1. Eye-catchy title describing someone’s problem
  2. Description of what the business is about (the solution to someone’s problem)
  3. Social Proof (testimonial of a previous client)
  4. Contact Details & Call to Action (call us, book an appointment, etc.)
  5. Imagery that clearly represents either the business, the potential client or the desired outcome the company offers

The overall design principle is to keep ads clean and tidy with one focus point. I also tend to add the QR code which should serve as a tracking tool but also just to make it easier for the readers to visit the business’ website.



1. Health Avenue

Simply Inspired Business #100redesignschallenge 1 - Health Avenue


2. Haycroft Music Lessons

Simply Inspired Business #100redesignschallenge 2 - Haycroft Music Lessons


3. Steph Edwards Natural Therapy

Simply Inspired Business #100redesignschallenge 3 - Steph Edward Personal Therapy





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